Products and solutions marketed by FH Microwave are designed for civilian, industrial, military and avionics applications.
Our proposals are based on the know-how of the below suppliers (non-exhaustive list!)

Origin : France

Specialties : design and manufacturing of radio equipment for fixed and mobile communications, data and video Products : digital radio modems, analog radio modems, RF power amplifier, LNA low noise receiving amplifier, filters and duplexers, antennas and networks: multiband, wideband, beamforming, tracking antenna, wavelet video compression CODEC

Origin : Finland

Specialties : design and manufacturing of antennas and masts and associated services Products : HF antennas, tactical, yagi, log-periodic, base station antennas, dipoles, omni-directional, directional, UHF, FM, marine, candle antennas, panel antennas, horns, radio relay antennas, WLAN, satellite, biconical, whips, discons, self-supporting or guyed masts and installations, radomes

Origin : South Korea

Specialties : design and manufacturing of RF ICs Products : gain blocks, drive amps, IF amps, power amplifiers, discrete amps, switches, mixers, dividers, couplers, LNAs, digital step attenuators(DSA), digital variable step attenuators(DVGA), IoT front end modules(FEMs), bare dice, MCMs, customized products, and other RF integrated circuits

Origin : France

Specialties : manufacturing of all types of connectors (coaxial, etc.), cables (flat, multi-conductor, network, etc.), cords (coaxial, microwave, etc.), Data Voice products..... Everything can be done custom made & FRENCH MADE ! Products : custom semi-rigid cables/cords, optical cords / jumpers, microwave cords & cables, radio frequency connectors, custom coaxial cords/cables

Origin : Israel

Specialties : design and manufacturing of hangar repeaters, satcom and GPS repeaters Products : satcom & GNSS repeaters, hangar repeaters for Iridium, Inmarsat & GNSS signals from outdoor to indoor

Origin : PRC

Specialties : design and manufacturing of micro-magnetic relays, RF coaxial switches Products : electromechanical RF switches from DC to 50 GHz

Origin : Denmark

Specialties : design and manufacturing of EMC products Products : EMC filters, filtered connectors, NiZn ferrites, permanent magnets, inductors and transformers, current transformers

Origin : Taïwan

Origin : Taiwan Specialties : design and manufacturing of RF antennas Products : patch antenna, active antenna, chip antenna, dipole antenna, NFC/RFID antenna (reader/tag), automotive, wireless power charger, LCT/LDS technology, customized antenna

Origin : South Africa

Specialties : design and manufacturing of wide band antennas for 3G/4G/5G/LTE and WiFi Products : antennas from 410 MHz up to 7200 MHz for commercial and industrial, farming and agricultural, IoT, M2M and smart meters, marine & coastal, mining and tunneling, transportation and mobility, urban and rural cellular

Origin : United Kingdom

Specialties : design and manufacturing of antennas for radio communications Products : LTE & cellular antennas for 5G NR/4G LTE/2G-3G-LTE/3.5GHz CBRS band/450MHz LTE/5G private LTE/600MHz LTE, Combination antennas for IoT, mobility, fixed site & enterprise, VHF/UHF antennas, LPWA & ISM anennas for LPWA/LoRa/Sigfox/terminal mount, antenna accessories, GNSS antennas, WiFi & bluetooth antennas

Origin : PRC

Specialties : design and manufacturing of passive and active microwave components Products : power amplifiers narrow band & broadband, low noise amplifiers, digital attenuators, digital phase shifters, limiters , detectors, power dividers / combiners, isolators & circulators, couplers, filters, hybrid, PIN switches

Origin : PRC

Specialties : design and manufacturing of passive and active microwave components from DC up to 60 GHz Products : power amplifiers narrow band & broadband 0.1-50 GHz, low noise amplifiers 0.01-70 GHz, digital attenuators 0.1-40 GHz, digital phase shifters 0.1-40 GHz, limiters , detectors, power dividers / combiners, isolators & circulators, couplers, filters, hybrid, PIN switches 0.1-67 GHz

Origin : Spain

Specialties : design and manufacturing of solid state microwave components from DC up to 50 GHz Products : low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, slope amplifiers, variable gain amplifiers, digital attenuators, bias tees & DC blocks, biased detectors and zeo-bias detectors, connectorized & SMD equalizers, filters, frequency synthesizers, limiters, absorptive & reflective PIN switches

Origin : South Korea

Specialties : design and manufacturing of SAW filters for mobile communications RF components Products : SAW filters, SAW duplexers, RF components

Origin : South Korea

Specialties : design and manufacturing of passive devices for microwave applications Products : terminations from 1W to 250W, attenuators from 2W to 100W, filters (band pass, band rejection, duplexer, multiplexer, combiner), connectors (SMA, BNC, TNC, N, MCX, MMCX, SMB), adaptors in-series or between-series, dividers, arrestors, DC blocks

Origin : USA

Specialties : design and manufacturing of antennas up to 8.5 GHz and accessories Products : omni antennas, directional antennas, array antennas, body worn antennas, concealment antennas, GPS/GNSS antennas, MiMo antennas, LNA modules, isolators & circulators, RF coaxial goosenecks, filter modules, diplexers & triplexers

Origin : South Korea

Specialties : design and manufacturing of broadband power amplifier solution for defense, commercial and industrial market applications, from 1MHz up to 20GHz, 2 to 1000W, CMOS based MMIC solutions, switches, programmable barrage exciters, integrated rack-mounted amplifiers Products : amplifiers from HF to Ku band with standard output powers ranging from 2 to 1000W with FWD/RVS detector, mute, temperature monitoring, VSWR alarm with protection, over temperature alarm with protection and auto recovery, over voltage protection, ALC, AGC and current monitoring, MMICs for phase array system, TRM for active phased array, synthetic aperure radar for industrial and environmental surveillance, defense and intelligence missions, RF swith podules, comb generators, RF matrix, customized solutions

Origin : South Korea

Specialties : supplier of high performance RF/microwave, BT, and IoT products Products : Ku/C/Ka/X-band BUCs for satcom/VSAT/maritime/terrestrial datalink, LNB/LNA/BDC for satcom/VSAT/maritime/DTH, microwave radar sensor module and radar detector system, RF/microwave products for defense and industrial markets, filters/duplexers/PIMD tester/sub-systems and systems/ceramic products, RF/microwave/mm-wave products for EW and radar systems, SSPA modules and systems for jammer/EMC/BTS applications, high power generator for plasma process & accelerator, SSPAs & spatial combiners, custom RFIC/MMIC design, general components/modules and SSPAs, ILS/VOR signal analyser and sensor systems for drone applications, VSWT RF terminals and flat array antena for KU/Ka-band satcom, special LC, PCB type, cavity and waveguide filters/multiplexers/OMTs/SFBs, flash SSD products for military and FPGA based FM Tuner/NMR spectrometers, customized RF/microwave product and total solutions, customized antenna/RF system solutions

Origin : USA

Specialties : design and manufacturing of antennas for satellite/avionics/ground/marine/deep-sea telecommunication applications and associated microwave devices Products : RA1/RA2 DAGR GPS antennas, 2/3/4/5/7/8/16-element CRPA GPS/GNSS antennas in small or FRPA foot prints, GPS/Link-16/L/S/C-band for mortar & guided munition applications, GPS and broad band high power jamming antennas, active/passive L1 and L1/L2 GPS/Glonass/Beidou/Galileo/QZSS antennas, combined GPS/Glonass/L-band antennas, Iridium/Inmarsat/Thuraya antennas, combined Iridium/Inmarsat/Thuraya/GPS flat/blade/tower antennas, combined Globalstar/GPS antennas, XM/Iridium/GPS antennas, GSM/GPS antennas, UHF/GSM/Wi-Fi/Iridium/GPS 10k-Psi-Deep-sea antennas, 4G LTE omni/direction antennas, broad band UHF, L, S, C, Ku-band video/data link antennas, VHF/UHF patch/rod/blade antennas, Ku-band antennas, DF blade antennas, broad band helix, back-cavity/conical spiral, horn, log-periodic antennas, power combiners/dividers, beam forming networks, filters, diplexers, low noise amplifiers

Origin : South Africa, Finland, USA, United-Kingdom, Germany

Specialties : Alaris Group includes Alaris Antennas, Cojot, mWave, Linwave and Kuhne companies; electronic warfare (EW) antennas for the defense and homeland security markets, antennas for border controls, counter-RCIED, counter-UAS, direction finding, defense communications, electronic countermeasures, spectrum monitoring, VIP protection, commercial microwave antenna and source systems from 100 MHz to 125 GHz; microwave components and modules up to 94 GHz; radio frequency & microwave technology products for security & defence, plasma generation, sports broadcast, broadcast, RF heating, video links, telecommunication Products : omni-directional and directional antennas, monopoles, dipoles, discones, log-periodic, spirals, goniometry, whips, active and passive antennas, wideband and narrowband, steerable beam antennas (SBA); parabolic grid antennas, high performance radio antennas, E-band, Ka-Band, sources for antennas; BUC Ka/Ku band, gunn diodes, gunn oscillators, QFN limiters and LNAs ; power amplifiers, LNAs, power meter, microwave generator, rackmount case, converters, signal sources, antennas & parabolics, passive components

Origin : South Korea

Specialties : design and manufacturing of passive devices for microwave applications for base stations, repeaters, broadcasting systems, system installations, satellite ground system, jamming system… Products : cavity filters, ceramic filters, outdoor/indoor multi band combiners, tower mount amplifiers, power splitters & combiners, switches, couplers, isolators & circulators, attenuators & loads, arrestors

Origin : Italy

Specialties : design and manufacturing of passive microwave components from DC up to 90 GHz for BACKHAUL radio links, MMWAVE, CELLULAR repeaters and jammers, SATCOM, BROADCASTING,LTE; DAS, MW lab equipments, safety and secure comunications Products : filters, diplexers, WG circulators, isolators, loads, couplers, OMTs, adapters, seamless waveguides, flexible twistable waveguides, cables & connectors, assembled cable housings and mechanical Parts (metal insert, waveguide, dual mode waveguide, coaxial, hairpin and comb line, rc lumped component, helical filters, active components)

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