Band pass filters
Cavity filters

Cavity filters are known for low insertion loss and higher power handling ability. Custom designs and packaging are available, 300 MHz to 15 GHz frequency range, low PIM, multiple bands combining.

Ceramic filters

Ceramic filters

Ceramic filters are known for surface mount type on the modules and system boards and it is cost effective solution product with low power. Custom designs and packaging, 10 MHz to 5 GHz frequency range, multiple band combining.


A multiplexer enables multiple input signals to share a single device or resource, while also allowing the implementation of Boolean functions of multiple variables, while a demultiplexer functions as the reverse, with a single input and multiple outputs.


SAW technology

SAW filters, electromechanical devices utilizing piezoelectric materials, convert electrical signals to mechanical waves, delay them, and reconvert them back to electrical signals, serving as analog finite impulse response filters primarily used in radio frequency applications up to 3 GHz.



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