High power amplifier

High power amplifiers are available across a wide frequency range with output powers from 2 to 1000 watts, featuring standard functions such as FWD/RVS detection, temperature monitoring, VSWR alarm, and protection mechanisms, catering to various applications including jamming, radar, electronic warfare, and communication systems.

LNA Up to 70 GHz amplifier

An LNA is an electronic device that boosts weak signals while maintaining a high signal-to-noise ratio by minimizing additional noise through careful selection of components, operating points, and circuit topologies, which must be balanced with other design objectives like power gain and impedance matching.


Narrow band amplifier

These amplifiers are avaliable for all cellular communications band, with high linearity and efficiency, output power and temperature monitoring, self shutdown and protection, possible Doherty structure.

Slope Amplifier



Slope amplifier

LNA 500-8000MHz

LNA 50 to 8000 MHz, Wide band gain block amplifier 5 to 6000 MHz, Internally match amplifier 5-800 MHz, Wide band drive amplifier 5-4000 MHz, Wide band medium power amplifier 5-4000 MHz, High power amplifier 500-4000 MHz, Digital variable gain amplifier 5-8000 MHz, PHEMT LNA, HBT bare die, Power PHEMT bare die, MESFET, GaN HEMT available in SOT89-SOT363-DFN8-QFN-SOIC8 or bare die


Variable gain amplifier



Up to 50 GHz amplifier

Wide band



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